Our Process


Workplace student mentoring is a learning partnership between mentors and students in their senior year for purposes of sharing technical information, institutional knowledge, and insight with respect to a particular occupation, profession, organization or endeavor.

Mentoring is perhaps best described as a developmental process - dynamic and unique to each person. The MillBridge Foundation Student Mentorship Program (SMP) has demonstrated experience in connecting students and mentors to secure career placement for students when they complete mentoring.

Student Mentorship Program

Step 1 : Outreach

  • Presentations to colleges, corporations, civic groups and associations
  • Database Development of Outreach Organizations
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Social Media Outreach
  • Public Relations and Marketing Plan
  • Fund Development Plan
  • Program Budget

Step 2 : Registration

  • Mentor and Student Register through MillBridge online portal

Step 3 : Selection

  • Review Mentor and Student letters of recommendation
  • Mentor selection
  • Student selection

Step 4 : Training

  • Orientation for Mentor and Student
  • Program training on website portal, reporting, program goals

Step 5 : Implementation

  • Match Student with Mentor
  • Individual Mentoring Plan (IMP) Development
  • Mentoring Sessions
  • Data Capture

Step 6 : Evaluation

  • Mentor and Student evaluation
  • Corporate Participation and renewal to program
  • Students placed in careers
  • Students registered for next recruitment
  • Mentors registered for next recruitment
  • Foundations/Corporations engaged in program