Student Testimonies

“Working with the BCS/MSFC Team has been hands down the most beneficial experience I have ever had. I couldn't imagine working for another company that made me as excited to go to work everyday. I have recently changed my concentration in Civil Engineering. I originally was smitten on designing roads and interstates, but now, after working here for a few months, I want to go into design work with large scale 3D modeling/printing in space!”

– Civil Engineering Major

“Through my seven months as a Research Associate, I have been privileged to work alongside highly qualified cadre of Payload Operations of the NASA MSFC as a member of the Training Integration Team. With tasks ranging from working on the administrative end of ShareKnowledge and SharePoint to revamping the core structure of what is known as ‘Payload Academy’, I have integrated myself into a valuable position of having the ability to complete a task wherever one may be requested. Through these responsibilities, I have truthfully become very thankful for the opportunities in which I have been given, as well as acquiring newer and stronger skills of adaptability, confidentiality, and compatibility.”

– Physics Major

“I believe that my time at BCS has been splendid, unique, and enlightening. I never had a professional job before I worked there (which was very concerning to me), but they turned over many notions that I previously had about professional work. They have flexible scheduling to ensure that I come in when I can be most effective, and all of my coworkers are delightful people who contribute to an awesome work environment. The variety in my work is interesting, all of which I have enjoyed. BCS has made a wonderful impression of what a job can be like.”

– Computer Science Major


Teledyne Brown Engineering

The University of Alabama in Huntsville

Alabama A&M University

Tuskegee University