Mentor Registration

Why Register as a Mentor?

  • Hone coaching, counseling and leadership skills
  • Develop new professional and organizational contacts
  • Get exposure of new ideas, technologies and perspectives
  • Expand relationships built on mutual trust and shared learning
  • Gain personal satisfaction

What do we expect of Mentors?

    • Genuine interest to give back
    • Commitment
    • Sensitivity to other's needs and development
    • Excellent listening skills
    • Excellent coaching and feedback skills
    • Confidentiality

What will Mentors do?

    • Help the student identify with their organization and professional environment
    • Be prepared to support the student through difficult situations
    • Motivate the student to develop his/her self-confidence
    • Ensure communications are clear, open and reciprocal
    • Help develop creative and independent thinking



  • Prospective mentors first submit an online questionnaire that will assist in evaluating whether the mentor applicant will be a good match for the program.
  • Questionnaire responses are reviewed by the SMP Manager. If approved by the SMP manager, the prospective mentor completes an online application that is organized by their expertise, in the MillBridge Foundations website.
  • Prospects are screened and if selected an interview is scheduled with MillBridge Foundation staff to confirm Mentor selection.


Prospective mentors are recruited from the following areas:

  • Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce business memberships
  • Government contracting companies and NASA employees
  • Retired Associations of Engineers, Scientists, Educators etc.
  • Volunteer and Civic organizations within the community


Accepted Mentors are required to attend a ½ day mentor training program that is structured to provide the tools and resources to navigate the online mentor portal; guidelines for a successful mentorship; requirements; commitments and reporting to the MillBridge Foundation staff.

Areas covered include the following:

  • Background on the MillBridge Foundation
  • Program overview
  • Mentor requirements
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Mentors will be placed in roles of mentor/mentee and will address questions based on different scenarios
  • Website portal
  • Mentor reporting requirements
  • Mentor match/no match determination